[Management Team] [Author] Yasar Huseyin

Huseyin Yasar

Deputy Head of Equities, Fund Manager
12 years’ experience | Joined Carmignac in 2014


Huseyin Yasar is a Fund Manager and Deputy Head of Equities. Huseyin joined Carmignac in 2014 as a European equities analyst and was appointed Fund Manager in 2015. He became Global Equities Fund Manager in 2017 and Head of Investment Process in 2018. He started his career in 2008 at Goldman Sachs Frankfurt as a M&A analyst, before shifting to the London offices in 2010 where he became associate. In 2011, he joined the European and Emerging Long/Short equity team of SAC Global Investors where he worked as an analyst. Huseyin graduated from the European School of Business (ESB) of Reutlingen in Germany and holds a diploma from Dublin City University.