[Management Team] [Author] Williams Matthew

Matthew Williams

Analyst, Financials
28 years’ experience | Joined Carmignac in 2009


Matthew Williams is an Analyst, specialized in the global Financial sector, within the Equities team, covering Financials credit as well. Matthew arrived at Carmignac in 2009. He began his career in 1994 at BT Funds Management in Australia where he was Asian Equities Dealers Assistant, and then Asian and Emerging Equities Analyst (Vice-President level). In 2002, he left the company to join Maple-Brown Abbot in Australia, where he held the position of Senior Investment analyst, specialized in Asian equities. Four years later, he entered MFS International London where he was co-Head of the International Financials sector and an analyst specialized in global metals and mining. Matthew holds a Bachelor in Economics with a major in Finance from Macquarie University.