• Risk can help your investments fly.

    Or it can cut them down.
    To master it you must embrace this duality.

  • Overview: Carmignac Portfolio Global Bond

    Carmignac Portfolio Global Bond offers investors a solution to capitalize on opportunities in varied market conditions across

    the fixed income and currency universe.

  • Carmignac Portfolio Capital Plus

    Underwhelmed by the return on your savings? Overwhelmed by the complexity of markets? Carmignac Portfolio Capital Plus might be the ideal investment solution.

  • Carmignac Investissement

    Nanosciences, new production technologies : for over 25 years, Carmignac Gestion has successfully invested

    in the industries that are building tomorrow's world. 


Investment Commentary - April 2015

Every quarter, Didier Saint-Georges, puts forward our views on the economy, global markets and our current investment strategies.


la Lettre d'Edouard Carmignac

la Lettre d'Edouard Carmignac April 2015

In Europe, we believe it would be unwise to jump on the bandwagon for cyclical stocks. As before, our preference goes to exporters with good earnings visibility.



Sandra Crowl CNBC Global Leaders Emerging Countries

Interview of Sandra Crowl on CNBC

Sandra Crowl, member of the Investment Committee at Carmignac, was on CNBC’s Closing Bell program. She talked about India and China as the two main emerging countries where Carmignac sees value currently, and about Global leaders among the European equities.


Flash Note

L’équipe Cross Asset

Carmignac Cross Asset Team

Since Carmignac’s inception in 1989, studying the macroeconomic environment has always been a priority. Over the years, we have reinforced our top-down expertise and built a dedicated team: the Cross Asset team.

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