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Carmignac has always provided guidance to clients on their financial investments and in achieving their goals.

What are your goals?

You have sold your real estate or professional property.

You want to increase the value of your savings.

You want to prepare for your retirement.

We can construct your investment plans together.

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Due to the increasing cases of theft of portfolio management companies’ names, addresses and logos, savers are urged to use extreme vigilance in the event of solicitation by people claiming to be Carmignac Gestion. The rules of vigilance as well as the blacklist of unauthorised companies and websites are available on the AMF website.

Private banking at Carmignac means:

An accessible
product range

Solutions tailored to your needs and to achieving your long-term saving goals, with a minimum investment of €150,000.


Continuous advice from experienced, dedicated professionals in Paris and the regions.

A transparent
product range

Preferential access to our funds to build a transparent investment that is right for you.

Our one core

We actively manage our clients’ savings in international financial markets.

portfolio management

Our mission is to increase the value of your capital while having a positive impact on society and the environment.

An independent

Founded in 1989, Carmignac is a family-run business with an entrepreneurial spirit.

The portfolios are mainly composed of Carmignac Funds. Access to the Funds may be restricted for some individuals or countries. They may not be offered or sold directly or indirectly on behalf of or to a US person as defined in US “Regulation S” and/or FATCA. The Funds carry a risk of capital loss. The risks, ongoing charges and other fees are described in the KIID (Key Investor Information Document). The Funds’ prospectuses, KIIDs and annual reports are available on the website or on request from the Management Company. KIIDs must be made available to the subscriber prior to subscription.

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