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Discretionary Portfolio ManagementPut your portfolio in the hands of our trusted experts

Ready to make the financial markets work for you?

With our discretionary portfolio management services, you can rely on our professionals to seize market opportunities in accordance with your risk appetite. We will sit down with you to pinpoint your investment preferences – i.e., whether you prefer a more conservative or more aggressive approach – and your financial objectives, and pick the most effective strategy in line with your investor profile. What’s more, you’ll have your own Carmignac advisor you can turn to with questions as your needs change. Your savings will be invested in Carmignac investment funds on a securities account or on a life insurance policy through partner firms.

The first time you meet with your advisor, you will fill out a detailed questionnaire and discuss important information about your financial objectives, investment horizon and risk profile. Based on this assessment, your advisor will suggest an overall investment approach and help you select which of our four portfolio types – Prudent, Balanced, Dynamic, and Growth – is right for you.

Two portfolios with moderate exposure to stock markets


    [DCP] [Mandat] Prudent
    • Targets steady returns with low exposure to stock markets
    • Stock-market allocation: 0%–30%
    • Investment horizon: >3 years (short-term to medium-term)
    • Maximum risk rating:* 3

    [DCP] [Mandat] Équilibré.png
    • Targets steady returns and capital appreciation, with moderate exposure to stock markets
    • Stock-market allocation: 15%–60%
    • Investment horizon: >4 years (medium-term)
    • Maximum risk rating:* 4

Two portfolios with greater exposure to stock markets


    [DCP] [Mandat] Dynamique
    • Targets primarily capital appreciation through high exposure to stock markets
    • Stock-market allocation: 30%–100%
    • Investment horizon: >5 years (medium-term to long-term)
    • Maximum risk rating:* 5

    [DCP] [Mandat] Offensif
    • Targets substantial capital appreciation through high exposure to stock markets, despite the ensuing volatility
    • Stock-market allocation: 70%–100%
    • Investment horizon: >5 years (long-term)
    • Maximum risk rating:* 6

With our discretionary portfolio management services, your assets will be invested primarily in Carmignac funds. There is a risk you could lose some or all of your investment. *Risk ratings range from 1 (lowest risk) to 7 (highest risk). A risk rating of 1 does not mean the investment is risk-free. Risk ratings may change over time.

    • Our discretionary portfolio managers are an integral part of the Carmignac asset management team. They draw on the expertise housed across our firm as well as on the targeted, in-depth analyses carried out by Carmignac specialists.

    • [Management Team] [Author] Bonenfant Pierre-Edouard

      Pierre-Edouard Bonenfant Fund Manager

For a first personalised contact, call us at
+33 (0)1 70 38 56 74

    • You will be assigned a private banker who keep you informed of the latest developments in your portfolio and answer any questions you may have.

    • [DCP] Tsocanakis Christian

      Christian Tsocanakis Director, Wealth Management Services Head of the Carmignac Wealth Management Team, France

    • [DCP] Combes Alexandre

      Alexandre Combes Deputy Director Occitanie & Haute-Normandie region

    • [DCP] Gressé Joël

      Joël Gressé Deputy Director Hauts-de-France region

    • [DCP] Breguet Denis.png

      Denis Breguet Private Banker Nouvelle-Aquitaine & Basse-Normandie region

    • [DCP] De Menthon Nicolas

      Nicolas de Menthon Private Banker Bretagne & Pays de Loire region

    • [DCP] Lenormand Paulin

      Paulin Lenormand Private Banker Grand-Est & Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region

    • [DCP] Saint-Mars Marion

      Marion Saint-Mars Private Banker PACA region

    • [DCP] Navarron Sophie

      Sophie Navarron Wealth Management Assistant sophie.navarron@carmignac.com

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Client portfolios are invested primarily in Carmignac funds. These funds may not be available to certain persons or to persons living in certain jurisdictions. Carmignac funds may not be offered or sold, either directly or indirectly, to or on behalf of a US Person as defined in the US Securities and Exchange Commission Regulation S and/or in FATCA. Investors in funds may lose some or all of their capital. The risks and fees associated with Carmignac funds are described in the funds’ Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDs). These KIIDs, along with the funds’ prospectuses and annual reports, are available on the Carmignac website, www.carmignac.fr, and upon request to the asset management company. KIIDs must be provided to fund investors before they make any investment.