Our commitment

It is part of our fiduciary duty to manage ESG risks and opportunities across all asset classes when investing on behalf of our clients and in their interest.

We believe that by integrating ESG analysis into our investment process, we will be able to seek long-term performance by mitigating risk, identifying growth opportunities and recognising the financial value of intangible assets, while striving to achieve positive outcomes for the environment and society.

Our three core ESG themes

Climate. Empowerment. Leadership.


Explore our responsible and sustainable investment funds and see the difference that the companies we own may make to society and the environment.
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Carmignac is committed to ensuring robust policies and processes, reviewed and overseen at the leadership level, to support our approach to sustainable investing.


As an active owner, we engage with our investee companies to influence them to appropriately manage ESG risks as well as seize ESG opportunities. By exercising our voting rights, we affirm our engagement in line with our sustainable approach during shareholder meetings. We use our voting rights and target 100% voting across all our equity and bond holdings.


As a responsible investor, we consider it part of our fiduciary duty to actively manage ESG risks and opportunities when investing on behalf of our clients.
We integrate ESG analysis into our equities and fixed income investment process via our proprietary ESG research system START (System for Tracking and Analysis of a Responsible Trajectory), which incorporates human insight and differentiated ESG data sources.


As part of our commitment to ensuring complete transparency of our investments to our clients, we welcome the European Sustainable and Responsible Investing Transparency Code, which aims to disclose the practices of our SRI (1) Funds and Thematic ESG Funds.
These are the second statements of commitment for the European and Emerging Market Funds, and the first statement for our Global Equity Funds.

(1) Socially Responsible Investment funds.
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As an independent and responsible family business, we seek to act in line with our convictions in the management of our operations:


In order to meet the objectives of the Paris Agreement, Carmignac aims to reduce the carbon emissions of its portfolios through our engagement with the companies in which we invest but also by offsetting our own operation’s carbon emissions.


As a majority family-owned company, we foster an entrepreneurial work environment which seeks to empower our employees. More than two thirds of our AUM is co-managed by women.
Our senior employees have access to a share ownership structure which contributes to creating a common alignment with our investors.


Composed of the CEO and the Deputy Managing Director under the supervision of the Board of Directors, supported by an audit committee, a remuneration & appointments committee and the general assembly of the shareholders.

Carmignac is Carbon Neutral

Carmignac’s climate change concerns go beyond our emission reduction expectations for the companies in which we invest. We have therefore aligned our own policy to deliver carbon neutrality across our current and future corporate operations. 3,510 tCO2 have been offset in total for 2019, 2020 and 2021*.

*All Scope 1 (own facilities direct emissions) and Scope 2 (purchased energy) and partially Scope 3 (upstream employee commuting, business travel and IT services) emissions.

ESG is a key factor of success

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