The Investment team

With 35 years of investing across all asset classes, we also benefit from the collective experience and insight of a team with multiple nationalities and backgrounds.

    • The Portfolio Advisors team participates in the Investment Committee as generalists with very strong experience in markets across all asset classes. They aim to contribute to the investment thinking primarily by providing insight into transversal market behaviours, and by acting as a sounding board for investment ideas submitted by specialists. As they do not directly manage funds, they are more available than portfolio managers to share externally relevant information about the investment strategies implemented in our funds.

    • Kevin Thozet

      Portfolio Advisor, Member of the Investment Committee

      16 years’ experience, Joined Carmignac in 2019

    • Axelle Pinon

      Portfolio Advisor & Member of Investment Committee

      11 years’ experience, Joined Carmignac in 2012

    • Led by Lloyd McAllister, the Sustainable Investment team members offer expertise in implementing sustainability policies and procedures at a company level. They provide strategic direction and advice to the investment team with regards ESG research and stewardship, they represent the company’s work on public policy.

    • Lloyd McAllister

      Head of Sustainable Investment