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Recommended minimum investment horizon : 5 years

At 22/01/2018
Frédéric Leroux
Cross Asset
Pierre-Edouard Bonenfant
  • NAV : 224.95 €
  • D-1 : +0.27 %
  • YTD : +2.30 %
  • 12 Month : +10.59 %

The complexity of the financial markets means that a multi-asset class approach is needed now more than ever.


Actively managed fund, chiefly invested in selected Carmignac funds composed of international equities and bonds. With at most 100% of the fund’s net assets invested in equities. It aims to generate a positive annual return while keeping annual volatility below that of its reference indicator.

Carmignac Global Strategy December 2017

  • The euro rose against the dollar
  • European markets underperformed
  • Peripheral yields came under pressure

Exposure data

monthly weekly
December 2017
85.13 %
Investment rate
66.63 %
Exposure rate
Modified duration
Yield to maturity
Avg. Rating
Week from 12 to 19 Jan 2018
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Management Comments


December 2017

Equity markets ended 2017 in style, with emerging countries leading the way. However, the European market suffered from profit-taking by investors fearing renewed political uncertainty. At an equity level, our allocation to Carmignac Portfolio Emerging Discovery allowed us to seize on the outperformance by emerging markets, especially in Latin America. We also benefitted from higher commodity prices through Carmignac Portfolio Commodities. Our good selection of technology stocks gave a considerable boost to the performance of Carmignac Euro-Entrepreneurs, and of Carmignac Euro-Patrimoine among our diversified investments. Our bond component posted a flat performance. Although we remain optimistic about equity markets, the economic cycle is probably reaching its peak. We are going in to 2018 with strong convictions, but remain alert to sources of weakness on the markets.


Week from 12 to 19 Jan 2018

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Legal information

The information presented above is not contractually binding and does not constitute investment advice. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Management fees are included in performances. Investors may lose some or all of their capital, as the capital in the UCI is not guaranteed. Access to the products and services presented herein may be restricted for some individuals or countries. Taxation depends on the situation of the individual. The risks, fees and recommended investment period for the UCI presented are detailed in the KIIDs (key investor information documents) and prospectuses available on this website. The KIID must be made available to the subscriber prior to purchase.

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