What makes us different?

We strive to give the best of active and alternative asset management to investors, helping them fulfil their long-term goals whilst contributing towards building a more sustainable world.
We are committed to delivering premium products with consistent long-term performance, providing high-quality customer service for both distributors and investors, and embedding ESG focus into what we do.

Skin in the game

The vast majority of our equity capital (more than 2 billion euros) is invested alongside our clients, in the funds we manage. We only win if they do. This alignment of interest with our clients stands at the heart of our identity and sets us apart in the industry.

Active management

We are as entrepreneurial today as we have always been and are committed to trying harder and better to actively manage our clients’ savings over the long-term.

Conviction-based approach

Our fund managers nurture a collaborative culture and in-house analysis to better manage complexity. This gives us the freedom and courage to perform independent risk analysis and translate it into strong convictions. We provide transparency on our investment decisions and are always accountable for them.

Premium mindset

We are an independent – family and employee-owned – European Investment management boutique, built on rich craftmanship heritage, unique talents and an entrepreneur-minded culture.