Back to fundamentals with Carmignac Portfolio Grandchildren

Increased life expectancy and major social changes have caused investors to reconsider the way they invest, shifting towards strategies that are geared to the long-term and mindful of the impact on the planet.

Discover Carmignac Portfolio Grandchildren, a global equity fund seeking to achieve steady capital growth over the long-term for investors looking to put their capital to good use:

In our approach to global equities, these companies should demonstrate high sustainable profitability today while reinvesting profits internally in the business to grow it for the future

- Mark Denham

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The Fund at a glance

Carmignac Portfolio Grandchildren is a high conviction, equity fund (classified Article 9 according to SFDR1) aiming to deliver long-term returns over a recommended investment period of at least five years. It invests in shares of sustainable, high-quality companies across the world while mitigating the effects of changing economic cycles and focuses on:

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    We identify companies that exhibit the characteristics we believe are needed to successfully grow over time, that is, high quality companies with sustainable profitability, reinvesting their earnings to grow the business for the future.

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    We always keep an eye on the road by adjusting the sizing of our positions to cyclical and defensive stocks according to the direction of the cycle.

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    We believe companies with strong Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) profiles do better over time while making a measurable and positive contribution to society and the environment.

In recognition to its commitment to sustainable investment, the Fund has been granted the French "Socially Responsible Investment" label in January 2020 and the Belgian "Towards Sustainability" label in February 20202.

1 Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 (SFDR). For more information, visit:
2 For more information about the labels, visit and

  • Mark Denham
    Fund Manager
    Head of Equities

    Mark Denham is a Fund Manager and Head of Equities. Mark joined Carmignac in June 2016, from Aviva Investors where he was a Fund Manager and Head of Pan-European Equities. Prior to joining Aviva Investors in 2003, Mark occupied roles of Director of European Equities at Insight Investment and Fund Manager at National Mutual Life. He graduated from Cambridge University with a degree in Natural Sciences and holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Advanced Mathematics.

  • Obe Ejikeme
    Fund Manager

    Obe Ejikeme is a Fund Manager within the Global Equities team. Obe joined Carmignac in 2014 as Quantitative Equity Analyst . He started his career in 2003 at FactSet Research Systems as a Senior Consultant. Then, he worked for seven years at Bank of America Merrill Lynch where he was Head of European Equity and Quantitative Strategy. Obe holds a Bachelor degree in Computer Science from the University of Hull.

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Carmignac Portfolio Grandchildren A EUR Acc

ISIN: LU1966631001

Recommended minimum investment horizon

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Main risk of the Fund

EQUITY: The Fund may be affected by stock price variations, the scale of which is dependent on external factors, stock trading volumes or market capitalization.

CURRENCY: Currency risk is linked to exposure to a currency other than the Fund’s valuation currency, either through direct investment or the use of forward financial instruments.

DISCRETIONARY MANAGEMENT: Anticipations of financial market changes made by the Management Company have a direct effect on the Fund's performance, which depends on the stocks selected.

The Fund presents a risk of loss of capital.