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A commitment to transparency reinforcing our sustainable investment approach

Societal and environmental considerations have always been part of our analysis at Carmignac. Firstly, because we are convinced that it is our responsibility to have a positive contribution to society and environment over the long term and thus create value for our clients. Then, because for several years now we have been witnessing a growing will from investors to take extra-financial criteria into account in their investments, the client being our priority at Carmignac.

With this in mind, we have launched a new online tool so that investors can have a vision of the extra-financial outcomes associated with their investments in our responsible and sustainable funds. Our ESG Outcomes Calculator is primarily an educational tool to help them understand what their savings are funding.

A tool to empower the client on the impact of their investments

Our ESG Outcomes Calculator enables investors to assess the social and environmental contribution of their investments through the priorities defined by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). At Carmignac, we consider 9 of the 17 SDGs to be "investable", meaning that the companies in which our funds can invest are able to support progress towards these goals through their products and services.

Alignment with the 9 United Nations SDGs identified by Carmignac:

How does it work?

Our ESG Outcomes Calculator is based on ESG indicators that describe the operational performance of companies in terms of social and environmental performance compared to a benchmark:


Our tool also enables the client to convert the total relative outputs calculated for carbon and carbon equivalent emissions, waste production and water usage of their investments into an activity-based metric, reflecting the number of different types of activities that could be undertaken for an equivalent level of emissions. For example, the carbon efficiency of the companies in our funds is illustrated by the number of kilometres driven that correspond to their carbon and carbon equivalent emissions.

A commitment to transparency reinforcing our sustainable investment approach

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