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Carmignac Investissement Fund Update

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A deterioration of the global economic situation

The global macroeconomic backdrop is worse today than it was at the beginning of the third quarter. Worldwide, we are seeing a decline in economic activity, as inflation erodes the purchasing power of consumers, thus depressing demand.

While the deteriorating growth outlook initially led investors to anticipate action by the authorities to revive the economy, their hopes were dashed. Central banks, led by the US Federal Reserve, have firmly stated their intention to curb inflation "whatever the cost". The only notable exception is China, which has decided to support its economy and revive growth that has been penalized by the pursuit of the "zero covid policy".

How did we fare in this context?

In this challenging backdrop, our Fund’s strategy was hurt by the underperformance of a selection of companies which, despite exhibiting solid growth and quality fundamentals, remain sensitive to a rise in interest rates. We remain convinced that this type of companies offers attractive long term perspective, rendered ever more attractive by the contraction of their valuation since the beginning of the year.

The below tab comprises of the main contributors/detractors to performance over the quarter:

  • Positive drivers to the Fund’s performance

    • Our selection within the industrials sector: Sunrun, an American provider of photovoltaic solar energy generation systems and battery energy storage products, recorded a decent return on the back of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) signed by the Biden administration that commits $369 billion to clean energy and greenhouse gas reduction.

    • Uber Technologies: the company reported solid Q2 earnings also contributed positively.

  • Negative drivers to the Fund’s performance

    • Our positions in e-commerce: particularly JD.com, a Chinese company still constrained by Covid-related health measures.

    • Our large position in Amazon: in the wake of a general decline in the sector, the company penalised us over the period as the company works through overcapacity in its logistics network as a result of extraordinary Covid-related demand.


Our strategy is to build a portfolio that includes reasonably valued growth companies such as IT security for example, defensive profiles with the healthcare; commodities sectors, companies sensitive to supply/demand imbalances in the energy sector.

We start the new quarter with a very diversified portfolio in terms of sector, geography, style and bias. The core of our portfolio is made up of quality growth stocks (39%), which we balance with an allocation to the energy sector (10%) and high-growth stocks (11%), whose valuations have contracted considerably.

Overall, our investments continue to be supported by 4 long term secular trends, illustrated below:

A multi-thematic approach seeking to generate higher returns


Carmignac Investissement

The Power of Sustainable Thematic Investing

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Carmignac Investissement A EUR Acc

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Carmignac Investissement A EUR Acc

ISIN: FR0010148981
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